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Saturday, November 19, 2011


Hey, hey, hey! Guess what today is.....! DYLAN'S BIRTHDAY! BRING ON THE CAKE! God, I wish I could totally tackle him with a hug right now....! But he lives too far away :(

So, Dylan darlin', here's what I gave ya:

Sweet, kind, beautiful, loving
And close to perfect in my eyes
Vicariously perched on the knife’s edge, black wings spread wide
In between the horror of hell and the pleasure of heaven
Open lips begging for a kiss
Righteous and sinful, yet so very young
Silent but calling out in fear nonetheless

Beating the air with her wings, she tries to fly
Raising herself a few inches before falling again
Opened eyes flood with fear and grief
Knowing not if she will ever soar once more
Evermore she could be trapped on the knife’s edge
Never very far from Heaven, nor from Hell

Although we reach out to her, offering her protection
Never again will she be truly safe
Gracelessly she tries to fly, but falls again
Even though she is so weak, all of us
Love her truly, heart and soul, forever


I should kick your ass
You treat me without a hint of class
You call me Ms. IBTs
You tell me I’ve got cooties and fleas
You call me a rapist
But somehow I don’t get too badly pissed
You tell me I’m a leper
I figure I should endeavor
To get my revenge on you
But laughing is all I can do
Why? It’s funny as hell
The joke’s on me. Oh well
As long as it’s fun for you
I’ll go along with whatever you do
If you weren’t my best friend
Your bones’d take a while to mend
Nobody else has the right
To do this to me without a fight
You and I can be so freaking wrong
If it wasn’t you, I’d say so long
You tell me I’m so cute
I should leave on your ass the imprint of my boot
You I know I have a right to kill
But I know I never, ever will
So do whatever you want to
Because, asshole, I wuv oo

Before you found me, I was all but alone
Even though my life was simpler then, it wasn’t better
So because of you my life has changed
Thank you for that, even though there’s been so much pain

Forever, I swear I’ll remain in your life
Reality and the dream aren’t different now
Inside my heart you’ve got your place, forever
Ending this and walking away I swear I won’t do
Don’t ever doubt me when I tell you I love you
Sweetheart, you’re stuck with me, whether you like it or not

Friendships like this are very rare, and even though the gold is gone
On us I know the gods are smiling
Right and wrong no longer matter, as long as we’re together
Even though I know you don’t love me anymore
Vines of love still bind me to you
Even though you and I have lost the gold
Reality would be a nightmare without you by my side

            Happy birthday, Dylan. You know, I’ve been trying to think of a gift for you for about a week or so now. And do you know what I’ve come up with? Nothing that I haven’t already given you. My heart? Yours as a friend. My love? You’ve got it sweets. Poems? You have four million ones I’ve written about you. Blog posts? Going on five or six now. My friendship, forever? I promised you that, and I’ll go to the ends of the earth to keep that promise.
            Darlin’, you’re my best friend. If I’m feeling alone or afraid, I’ll think of you, and I won’t feel so bad anymore. There isn’t a thing on this earth that I can’t tell you. I trust you with my life.
            And hell yes you and me have been through some crazy times. But we’ve always been there for each other in the end. We’ve made it through hell and high water, haven’t we? So who cares about all the things that have come before? All that matters is that we have each other.
           Yeah….you do have me, sweets. Did you ever notice that I don’t think I’ve ever told you no? Whatever you asked me to do I would do without hesitation. And I’ll still do whatever you want. I don’t know why I do that; I just do.
            I could spend a hundred pages telling you how much you mean to me. Telling you that I will be your friend forever, love you forever, and that I will never stop trying my hardest to be the perfect friend for you.
            But….I think that you already know all of that.
            So I’ll end it here.
             I love you, Dylan Cummins.
             Happy birthday, Cupcake.

Happy Birthday Dylan. Love, your Angel


keschen said...

Hi, I've just stumbled across your blog and its amazing. This post is really sweet :)
I am a fashion blogger and I would really appreciate it if you could check out my blog and follow me there. I will definitely follow you back :):)


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Alexandra said...

'Course I'll check out your blog! :) The thing is the link doesn't work for some reason..... :( Thanks so freaking much for what you said, means a lot to know my blog is enjoyed by random peopleses. xD