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Monday, November 21, 2011

Knives, Pens, and Teenagers XO--Thoughts Post

Alright, have a few links.....

My Chemical Romance--Teenagers

Black Veil Brides--Knives and Pens

So listen to those songs, and then ask me what they've got in common: A hell of a lot.

Teenagers and Knives and Pens are basically about, well, us. About what this world expects of us. What we'e 'supposed' to do, 'supposed' to be. Teenagers contains most of those elements, of how hard a time we teenagers are put through, and how adults treat us like we're dangerous while ruining our lives. Just, really, what are we supposed to be? What are we expected to do? How do we fight back? Gain attention? Survive? Why, Knives and Pens seem to be our favorite methods.

We cut. Write poetry. Slam our enemies on our blogs, on Facebook, Twitter....All the while searching for ourselves. All the while making mistakes. All the while trying to get good grades, decide who and what we want to be, live out our lives, deal with drama just because it's what we're supposed to be doing. We're called drama queens and kings--is that what we want to be, or what we're expected to be?

Can we ever be free? Can we ever live? Can we ever deal?

The teen years are supposed to be the best ever. High school--isn't it supposed to be amazing? Parties, late nights, dating, summer love? Instead, it ends so fast......

On the rise, teen suicide, when will we realize we're desensitized by the lies of the world?--Skillet, Looking for Angels

When will we realize that? When will we stop dying? When will we finally be free?

When we become adults? Hell, no! It's far too late to live. So when? When they stop expecting us to be perfect?

As if that'll ever happen.

So can we ever be free?

I'm sorry to say that we won't.

We just gotta stand together, us so-called outsiders. Stand by me, metalheads, BVB Army members, MCRmy, all of us. Stand by me, bloggers, poets, authors, cutters, emos, scenesters, punks, Goths, weirdos, loners, losers. Stand together 'cause together's the only way we're getting outta here alive.

And don't forget one thing....


The Fear of Teenagers.

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