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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Diamond Wall

Eyes wide with fear and interest, I watch from within
The refracted light dances silver on my skin
Too weak to stand, I fall to my knees
At long last, I've taken back the keys
To my impenetrable diamond cell
Willingly I lock myself inside my private hell
I'd made it to protect myself
Storing my soul on its single shelf
I thought that maybe I could leave
Its protection, but I retreated back inside to grieve
You'd gotten close to shattering
My wall, but all you'd gotten was a scattering
Of broken and entirely faked feelings
You see, the dark devil's already had his dealings
I'm slowly beginning to wake
To all the pain that I can't take
And all the things I can't feel any more
It's love, you see, that made me close the door
Desperately, you call out to me
But I won't open the door and let in the agony
My friends, will you ever know
That you just have to let me go?
I'm not ever leaving here
Not unless there's nothing outside my wall to fear
At last, I'm proud to say I've found my mask
My friends and loves, don't you dare ask
Me to take it off
Because, without me, you know you're better off

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