~~This Time It's Different by Evans Blue~~

Language Barriers?

Monday, November 21, 2011



Here at last I stand
Emily, now open your eyes, I've removed my mask
And now in my eyes you glimpse the hate
Reality is always darker than the dream
Tonight I will destroy you, make you hate me
Love, I will enjoy it, you know I will
Even though you think it's you who won
Sweetheart, it was me who ended things
So get the hell out and never return


Sleeping, barely alive, at least now I am free
How you never say this coming I don't know
Angels are never real, you see
They always, always fall
The truth is we aren't real
Evermore we'll stand here laughing as your faces fill with horror
Reality is always going to be darker than the dream
Dear, you should've known this was coming

Maybe now you'll understand that I always hated you
And even though I would have spent the rest of my life with you
Sweetheart, I wouldn't have been happy
Killing you inside is what I want to do

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