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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

~Happy New Year: A Surprise Post~

Hello, everyone! We are now officially counting down to 2015, and I last dropped in on all of you way back in 2013....

And, I have to say, I'm very pleased to be talking with you all again. I'm honestly not sure if anyone will ever see this--even though I'm apparently still getting views for some...odd reason (I love you, whoever is reading this)--but I wanted to say hello to all of you anyways.

I think I want to catch you up.

I've made bad mistakes since we last spoke--because, hey, that's how I roll. I still hang around with guys a bit too old for me, and I've gone through wicked bad breakups. I went through a brief suicidal thing earlier this year (self esteem issues completely knocked me off my rocker), but, obviously, I got past it.

I got a bit of counseling. It helped. Made me face a couple of issues, and reinforced my own belief that I am fricken badass.

And I am pretty badass.

Who else has gone through stuff like me, and still come out rockin' it? And I have been doing so well...

I'm in what might be the greatest relationship of my life. I'm loving who I am. I'm writing again. I'm laughing. I'm doing amazingly.

If it wasn't for my darling man, I wouldn't be as happy (or as sleep-deprived) as I am now.

His name's V. I've known him for....holy cripes, three years or more. I mean, he's been around a long time.

Hey, probably longer than y'all have. It's actually really incredible, to know I'm so accepted by him.

Always, always so accepted. He walked me through when my last boyfriend treated me horribly, wrecked my self esteem, manipulated me, THEN left me for another girl....Yeah, V uh...

V is kind of a god for stickin' round through all of that, and honestly? He's been in love with me for all these years. I have cared about him, too, but I was always bouncing through relationships. V....He just remained a constant. He was there. There through Ian, through everyone. Everyone.

I love him. I finally see it--through all of those years, when he's been my silent bit of calm in a storm of emotions and depression, I've loved him right back. In my own desperate, needing, blinded way--I've loved him.

I'm glad I can finally see that.

He and I plan on closing the distance, getting a house together, finding some other members of our relationship group. (He and I are polyamorous). Well, that won't happen til after I graduate from my dream university for my undergrad (the very same university I got early acceptance AND a 3,000 dollar renewable scholarship to), and (hopefully) get into the Master's Program at the university near him. Note--I'm going to be an archivist. Think the offspring of a museum curator and a librarian. I will get to deal with toxic mold.

So, I would like to say I've been really well.

I've missed all of you.


Where else to find me?

The Facebook page for my book-in-progress, and my website. My website has a ton of new stuff, including the novel I'm working on currently. As well as more stuff besides.

I've missed you guys....

I really have.

So, I....

I think I will leave you with this.

You will see me again--this...this I swear to you.

With love,

The Half-Mad Writer A. H. Wong.