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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why? Why This?

Amber was
Away from me
I thought that
I had
Gotten everything
I could
Ever want
Or need
But I
Found myself
Wanting more
Wanting more
More of you
More of love
More boys
More girls
More drama
More trouble
I couldn't stop
The games I play
I couldn't turn
Back the clock
To the day
That it all
But if I could
Oh god
You know I would
Please just
Forgive me
And walk
From me
As long as
You come back
One day
It's all I ask
For goodbye
To never be
You can do
Whatever you please
As long as you
Remember me
I will do
Whatever it takes
To get you to
Notice me
To get you
To care
But even though
So many many do
They are never
Ever going
To be enough
I don't understand
The temptation
All this lies
But I just can't end
These games
Until the end
And back again
Forever and ever
World without end.

Potato Chip--EAT

Potato potato potato chip
What the hell rhymes with 'chip'?
So hyper this ain't makin sense
For this there ain't no consequence
He's not after me cuz it's not what I expect
Love from myself, when will I find it?
I guess it don't matter
As long as I'm here forever after
Dancin the dance
And giving life a chance

Dance The Dance

Searching to feel loved, like I'm cared about
But as always I just can't stop the doubt
Do I deserve her?  Everything I could ever want?
But now all these memories are starting to haunt
Me and I just can't slip away
So erase it all take back the day
And end it with a flip of my hair

Was I ever truly there?

With my hyper active dance
Your true love never stood a chance
So now I'm back to being on my own
With all my guys in different time zones
And I wouldn't have it any other way
So screw it and take away the day
Live up the night
Never give up this f**king fight
It is so worth dying for
So never let em get in the door
Fight to the very last man
Cuz the fast-paced end is the whole entire plan
And if you never stood a chance
Then just start to dance the dance

One Long Hard Night And Day......

I lost my own personal Jesus, my very best friend....
Can you believe that on this snowy day we'd end?
I guess it's all my fault, I should take this blame
Should just run away and erase my name
If he hates me, why should I remain?
But no I'll stay....And seek shelter with you from the rain
My only love and light
Will hold me tight tonight........

Sunday, February 26, 2012

This Won't Be The Day (First Real Attempt at a Song lol)

So you're gone away from me.......Away........
I won't see you another day
And fuck yes I'm crying
And hell's yeah inside I'm dying
But no this isn't the day
That I snap and throw it all away
I ain't okay I ain't okay
But this ain't the day
You my were everything
I would've given you every song that I would sing
But now you're gone away, gone away, gone away
But this won't be the day
This just ain't the day
So snap me in two hold me down and kill me
You won't cause me any more agony
You've gone away and taken me with you
And yes I'm broken now without you
And fuck yes I miss you
And hell's yeah I need you
But this won't be the day that you snap me in two
This won't this won't this won't be the day
So shut up and get the heck away
Leave me alone without my memories
My memories of us, my memories
All the little agonies...............


Pleasures and temptations
Bitter addictions
Love's foundations
What brings down nations

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Addicted Wrongfully

The beauty slips
Softly from their lips
My eyes widen in surprise
And my resistance dies
Another addiction
Another temptation
Another lover
But I can't wait for it to be over
Taking me and breaking me
Causing me so much agony
But with every sweet word
You become my world
And I become your slave
Addicted to the sweetness you once gave.

One Brief Poem

Whispers of remembrance haunt my dreams

In this cold world nothing is as it seems

And I stand alone with shadows by my side

On this black night, what's left to hide?

I might as well just fake a smile

And stick around for a while

There's no place else to go

And no one else to know......

Friday, February 24, 2012

Goodbyes--Poem and Life Post

Alexander, Simon and countless others.........Alexander has given his account to another and Simon and I have grown impossibly apart.......So many goodbyes, so many left unsaid......I'm so sorry won't you listen to me? I wish you could've just taken the time to say goodbye....

So many goodbyes I hear
So many left unsaid
In this night there's the whole world to fear
I'd just rather be dead
But I gotta keep fighting
There's no place else to be
I gotta stop these tears I'm crying
And return to being me....

Better To End In Fire Than In Rain

Burn this place
Let the tears fall down your face
And wipe it away with your fist
Blood pours from the slit in your wrist
Burn this place
Now it's their turn to chase
After you, run girl run
This battle is yours to be won
Better to end in fire
I know the situation is dire
But its better to end in fire than in rain
Burn away all the pain
When everything is over
They'd better run for cover
No mercy now and no fears
It's time to burn all the tears
Erase every memory and burn yourself alive
And then end it all with a knife.......

Never Love Another Girl

Giving up on this for a while
I would've traded the world for her smile
Amber you know how much I care
But I can never bring myself to dare
To hold you close, to hold you tight
I can't do this, it isn't right
First Emily and now you
What can I do?
Of course I'm still bi and that won't change
All this heartbreak won't make me rearrange
But I won't love another girl
Oh no, I won't let those wings unfurl
You were mine, you were mine, you were mine
But that's the end of this rhyme.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Simple Tale, A Million Versions......

Friends, walking hand in hand, never the right time

I guess they understand, but they're two for a dime

He loves her and she loves him, but things never go right

Now the sunlight seems so dim, and there's not a reason to 


So they turn and walk away, with an outer smile

Never to meet another day, wishing they could have stayed 

for a while

But things never work out that way, and the hands let go

But they never let go, do they? They never forget the best 

friend they'll ever know...........

A Few Secrets/Updates--Life Post

1.       I think of myself as single no matter what happens
2.       These days I walk into doors repetitively
3.       I get nervous a lot less easily
4.       I’m still very much in love with Adam…..Even though I’m kinda dating again
5.       Dylan is flirting with me……A lot. Even though he has a girlfriend and a girl who is in love with him.
6.       Most of my friends online are male
7.       Most of my friends in real life are female
8.       Most of the people I talk to online are older than me
9.       I considered suicide again a few nights ago
10.   I have been quite mood-swingy the past few days
11.   Not a day goes by that I don’t think of Emily
12.   I can’t wait to turn fifteen
13.   I like cuddling things when I’m sleepy
14.   I’m doing really well in school
15.   A few days ago I carved  dragon out of fowm
16.   I want chocolate right now
17.   I haven’t worked out in a while
18.   Adam and I got very close to fighting for the first time last night
19.   The only one who called me on Valentine’s Day was him
20.   I have two new psychotically awesome friends
21.   I am very close to fully starting the writing of my novel
22.   I don’t feel like I’m only fourteen years old
23.   “Ignorance is bliss, ‘tis folly to be wise.” I can’t wait to be wiser than I am
24.   I’m starting to feel less and less hollow
25.   I’m starting the writing of my novel tonight. The full on writing. So I’ll post this and then get to work. Love you all!!!

Reminiscing--Life Post

So I've topped 2000 blog views. So I've topped 200 posts. So I've probably spent a long long time sitting posting on this. So I've probably spent a lot of time just talking about this blog. And here I am, fourteen still, only a few months after the first post ever. I've come a long way in many different ways, and I've done a hell of a lot. All the things posted on here are not even half of the amount of things that have gone on! I have never had the time to tell all the stories, to bare every secret, to open up every vein and let the feelings pour onto the page. I've barely had the time and do you know what I realized earlier?

I don't have TIME for a full-scale mental breakdown, I'm in grade nine at ______! With the massively high level of academics at my high school, I don't have the time to lose my mind. And what with all my friends losing it and my writing and this blog and my friends and my reading and my own mind life, I don't have time to go crazy.

Huh, perhaps that's the only reason I'm still somewhat sane.......? Either way it's true. I don't have the time loves. But over the summer I might just collapse inside.....Ah well that's a long way away and I don't have the time to worry.

We've had a pretty epic run, haven't we, my amazing blog readers? Probably quite a few of you have been coming here again and again since the start, and I'm beyond grateful to have so many viewers and even some followers. I love you all and I hope you've enjoyed the ride.......Just remember that there's more to come and I won't stop until I blackout and crash. xD

I love you dudes. Wish me luck and if you're lucky I might just post the first few pages of my novel. ;D

See ya dudes!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

13 Reasons To Stay--List Post Version One

  1. So I can keep updating this blog. It helps me feel better and like I'm cared about, knowing so many are reading it.
  2. I want to be published!!!!
  3. Coffee.........That's a really good reason to stay alive
  4. Hugging Dylan, my Savior, tight and knowing I'm safe with him
  5. All the new friends xD
  6. Sun-Jung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's one of the main reasons I'm still here. I wish........*Grins softly.* I wish she knew that.
  7. Amber.......She loves me still, even though she is dating Domenic who I may or may not have a crush on. Yes I still love her but I just wish she knew that.
  8. This Moment: Me: *Falls off cliff* Dan: ok
  9. Domenic! :D He's mah amazing German bro........What else needs to be said about him?
  10. I want to finish the novel I'm working on--I'm planning on it being around 500 pages dudes!
  11. I want to stay for all the people who care about me. I do not want to hurt people so I need to stay.
  12. Adam. I'll stay for Adam who maybe no longer loves me but still cares about me. If he still needs me I will be there for him every step of the way.
  13. I'm amazing.

I Will Survive It Somehow

I can't be broken in two
I'm strong even if I'm doing this without you
I know I've walked through fire
I know that the situation is always dire
I know I've begged to fall
But I haven't given it my all
I can't dwell in the past
Time's flying by so fast
And I won't let life leave me behind
A reason to fight I know I will find
It's inside me, in my own world
My wings have unfurled
And I can fly on my own
I've learned all the things I've been shown
And now it's time to leave this hell behind
I know a heaven I will find
Emily I bid you goodbye
Maybe I'll see you again after I die
Alexander good luck wherever you go
You're the first Wolf I will ever know
Dylan thank you for standing by me
You will forever be a part of me
And to the rest
I wish you the best
It's time for me to fly
So good luck and goodbye..........

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stop This Silence.--Life Post

I need to change. I need to adjust my life and become better, I need to start loving more and stop closing myself. I need to get better. I need to heal. I need to open myself up more and reveal who I am, not who I need to be to get attention. I don't have a choice but to change my life. And I need to.

I'm not doing well guys. I need to stop it with the lies and all the using. I need to stop this! My life is dramatic enough I don't need to make them up. How many times have I lied? How much have I done? I lied several years ago (in grade six I think) about dating a boy named Miguel who had AIDS and then left me. I lied most recently about a girl named Anna Shadowlight who had been staying with me because she was running away from home. My friend Domenic fell for her, and then I had her break his heart.....And then I lied and said that Emily was dying and no she isn't she's doing better than ever before. What am I doing? What's wrong with me?


Thoughts On The Wrong Bus--Life Post

I think that this mistake was quite intentional, to be honest. I wasn’t thinking very clearly this morning because of lack of sleep (I’d stayed up late to work on a project) and I paid for it with one of the most entertaining mornings in a while….
          The title pretty much gives it away though. Yup, you guessed it, I got on the wrong bus.
          In my defence, the driver of the bus I accidentally got on is my afternoon one, so when I recognized her my head went “She has something to do with Lo-Ellen, therefore she will take me to my school.” I got on the bus, she smiled at me, and I went to a seat at the back.
          Things started clicking in my head when we started driving automatically after I sat down—on my usual bus, we usually sit there for a few minutes before the kids from another school get off and transfer someplace else. So I sat there wondering what the heck was going on before the calm cool part of my head said: “Hey, everything’ll work out just fine, let’s see where this little misadventure takes us.”
          So I sat there calmly, listening to my music, and daydreaming. I thought about my life and wondered—was there any meaning behind it all? My entire life had been a’wandering, always making mistakes, correcting them when I felt like it, just living my life. I wasn’t alone but I wasn’t with anyone. I had been a loner for most of my life and I was used to being alone, so when my mind awoke and everything I was started coming to the surface I was too used to being alone to come so quickly out of my shell. Was it worthwhile, the simple and unburdened life I had led before? Or should I had taken more risks as a child, been less sheltered? Until around grade seven I had scarcely cared about my outside life—the world within my mind had always been enough for me. In grade seven, I had gotten rudely snapped out of my shell by a bully named Tyler Gardiner who had beaten me with a stick and insulted me daily for six months of my life. I had been bullied as a child but a stick?! That had been quite new to me. As a child, I had been laughed at somewhat and shoved and pushed and gotten face washes—ah winters had been fun! But now the ones who had bullied me when I was little were now some pretty good friends, and right now I don’t regret a single bit of my life.
          I’m just wondering how different things would have been if I had been more of an extrovert when I had been a kid—my social skills would have greatly improved, along with my life. Well these days I have quite a good amount of friends, both online and in real life, and I guess I’m happy enough. I just wish that things were different sometimes….
          I love my life. I haven’t lived yet despite all the things I’ve done—I found out recently that the amount of things you do doesn’t matter, what matters is the amount of years you do them in. Wisdom doesn’t come from experiences it comes from time being on this planet. I have not lived yet despite it all, and I cannot wait for the years to come.
          To finish off, I eventually got to my school, smiling all the way. I should get on the wrong bus more often. xD Definitely a good diversion from the regular monotonous routine of a high school life. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Creativity Flowing

Creativity flowing like blood
Painting pictures, carving creatures
Writing poems, telling tales
Making maps of my own world
What's going on with me?
My beautiful words
My beautiful thoughts
Reflected poetry
Brilliant words
Brilliant minds
Brilliant souls
Overflowing from my heart
Onto the page or through the knife
Painting black words
Tearing off old scabs
Reliving old agonies
And seeing them all bared
On the page.

You're My Chemical

Addiction, temptation, bitter sweet
Can't let you go can't turn away
Run and hide and fuel it up
Burn me down and set me on fire
Don't stop don't stop
Keep right on going
Ignore my screams
Just burn me down, burn me up
Burn away the love, turn the hate to ash
Don't turn away from me
Don't leave me alone
All this cold, freezing my bones
Blasting me, freezing me
I can't let you go
But I need to go
I need to let you go.........

Saturday, February 18, 2012


What's in me?
What's inside?
Is it black?
Is it white?
Who am I?
I'm no one
I'm not an angel
Nor am I a devil
Just a human girl
One who has scarcely lived
Nothing remarkable
My inner self
My inner soul
My body and my mind
None are special
I'm just me
So why do so many care?
I'm not worth
All the trouble
I'm not worth
All the love
What's in me
Is black and dark
Unworthy of their love
I used to be so good
But now what's in me
Has rotted
Turned black
Black and hollow
So if you love me
Please realize
What I am
And just leave me alone
Until I can find
My soul again.

No More

No more regrets, no more second thoughts
No more options or decisions
No more doubts in my mind
No more goodbyes left to say
No more tears left to cry
No more dawns left to watch before I sleep
No more moons left to love
No more stars left to fall
No more hearts left to break
No more games left to play
No more fights left to win
No more oceans left to swim
No more mountains left to climb
No more clouds left to watch
no more dreams left to chase
No more truths left to confess
No more pictures left to draw
No more fears left to face
No more hellos left to speak
No more tests left to pass
No more friends left to see
No words left to write
No more
I can take
No more.

Poetry Assortment V. 1

My Beautiful Black Rose
How do I still care?
You hate me now.
Why can't I get you
Out of my mind?
Emily, sweetheart
Do you still remember
Me, your red-winged angel
Who tried and failed to save you?
Or have I slipped your mind
Like you should have slipped mine?
It's been months since
We said our goodbyes
It's been a long time since
Either of us were happy
I regret so much
But most of all
I regret
Leaving you
My beautiful
Black Rose

False Lover
Can't you see my lies? 
Don't you know what I am?
Don't you see every scar
Upon my smooth soft skin?
But yet you're still
Addicted to me
You fool, bloody fool
This isn't right
This isn't smart
Ah love, I'm only using you
And everything
But hey if you wanna play
I'll definitely let you in
I'll just sit here waiting
Until the day
That I

What Am I?
I used to be so good
Loved so much it hurt
Never turned away
But now I'm so cold
So empty inside
Using everyone I can
Using everyone who loves me
Breaking every heart
That I should keep safe and treasure
Never trusting anyone
Never letting anyone in
Always pretending
No regrets and no doubts
What's wrong is right
What's right is wrong
My twisted logic justifies
All the games I play
What have I become?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Mistress of this Game

He owned her
And she owned him
But she owned another
And was owned by the other as well
And yet another laid claim to her
And another, and another
She owned them all
And claimed to love them back
But oh if they only knew!
About the others

About her disloyalty

How the girl would sneer
If her toys realized the game
How the girl would snicker
As her toys tried to leave
How the girl would roar with laughter
As her toys broke inside
They owned her
Each one thinking they were the only one
But she owned them all
How long will she continue
This game of hearts?
How long can she go on
Empty like this?
How long will she play them
Until they realize her tricks?
They owned her
(At least they thought they did)
And she owned them all
And that fact was always hid
A dark bitter secret
A tempestuous smile
A teasing grin
A soft touch
A tender kiss
She plays the game
She isn't a toy
No, she's the Mistress
The Mistress of this Game.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day Y'All--Life Post

This is my fifteenth Valentine's Day kiddies....And well it's another one single. Well fine with me. I'm more less happeh here, kiddies. Not alone but not attached either. Just the way I want it to be.

Today was alright, not much happened. Not much ever happens. Well, as long as life is good and everything's going well, I guess I'll stick round but I'm hoping that next year I'll find a guy.....I don't wanna be single for another Valentine's.

Night folks.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Even If Saving You Sends Me To Heaven.....--Life Post

Hello again my loves. It's me again, and I just wanted to drop by, and talk for a while. It's been a long time since I've had a good long monologue on here so it's definitely time for one. xD Jeez, I'm using smileys on here! Spent way too long on chatango....

Anywho, time to tell you everything that's been going on with me lately. I got my report cards back and I was all high eighty averages in every class, so I did rather well. Overall socially I've been good, never have to struggle to find a seat in the caf--that is when I'm willing to sit with my friends who aren't all that well liked. And I am because these guys are fun to be with, and I prefer their company to the 'popular' kids.

My life has been good lately, loved by so very many. I have Dan who will protect me until the very end, and Sammich who will guide me through heaven and hell. My friends would likely die for me, and I can safely say that if I suicide I will cause a great amount of collateral damages across the globe.

The post title is from the song Your Guardian Angel. It`s one that I think my friend Amanda sent me a long time ago and I've been listening to it every time I needed to remember that I'm not alone in the world and that there are so many people looking out for me. They will be here for me, as much as they can be. But only if I let them be there.

Will I let them be there? I will.......

I've got so many things going on and I just realized I have eleven days left.....

Eleven days left until Stephanie suicides.

On her fifteenth birthday.

What kind of a birthday is that? She told me it's been planned for months and that there's nothing I can do to stop her......But I think there is...

If....If I can convince her I love her and fall for her heart and soul I just might be able to save her. But that will take forsaking everything else, and I can't do that......I wish I could save her but I am not strong enough and I can't ask someone else to save her, I won't do this to them......

She is another Emily.....I cannot take being with another Black Rose, another person who I love so much but can never save, no matter how much I try....

I will be fine. Even if she does kill herself, I will heal one day, because I always do. I just blame myself for it, and rather rightly so. I had led her on for months, hoping I could love her and let her in, but never being strong enough to do so. And then I started getting mad at her constantly, never able to calm down. If I had managed to calm down enough and stop being so selfish chances are I would have been able to save her, but that would have killed me.....

So did I make the right choice by opting to remain distanced emotionally? Or should I have fallen for her and forsaken myself in the fight to keep her alive?

I'll tell you my answer when I read her obituary.

Please Tell Us You'll Stay?

We know you've been hurt
We know you're lying
We see the cuts you hide under your shirt
We know you've been crying
Won't you just hold us tight?
Angel you're amazing
Please let this not be the night
That your light is fading
We will never let you fall
You're our angel, our beautiful star
We'll break down your diamond wall
Fight by your side in this unending war
Just please tell us you'll stay
Don't turn away, don't close your heart
Even if saving you takes forever and a day
We'll find a way to give you a new start
We're here until the end
Just don't go away
You will always be our best friend
For forever and a day......

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Questions and Answers--Life Post Number Two

Q. Who do you love, now that Adam and you are over?
A. I guess I still love him.....I can't get over him and I don't know when I ever will....We haven't really gotten a major chance to speak in days and I wish we had.

Q. Any major worries about school?
A. Hm no. I think that all of my classes will be relatively easy, and I should do rather well in them. This semester I have geography, science, french, and drama, and drama is obviously not very majorly into homework. So I should be fine. I like my teachers and my fellow classmates and I'm smart, so this semester should be a good one.

Q. Your biggest worry?
A. That I'll lose myself entirely, lose control of my life and have it spiral. I'm trying to maintain control over myself and my impulses, but as time goes by I'm losing it bit by bit. Perhaps I like seeing what kind of things happen when I stop fighting to control it, or maybe I'm just discovering more and more of my knack for causing trouble--either way I'm quite the eventful kid.

Q. What's your biggest online danger?
A.That I will be followed by my past. I will halt my behavior once I tire of it, and halt it entirely. Hurt quite a few people but I will become smarter and the friends that I keep will survive it.

Q. Who loves you these days?
A. A new Adam for one thing, Adam 2.0. And then there are of course all the users who lie and say they love me, but it's impossible to tell if they do or not. And let's not forget Dan, my perverted fourteen year old friend, who loves both me and his girlfriend Mikenna and is planning to try and come up here this summer.

Q. Do you belong to anyone?
A. At this point in time? No no I do not and I would love to remain free for a long time. Of course, there are those who believe they own me, when I do not in fact belong to anyone of them.

Q. Who is the strangest person you know online?
A. Oh jeez this one's a toughie....I have my Goth weirdos, my assorted depressed people, a pedophile that for some reason or another thinks I'm a pedophile myself so always talks to me, my Sergalion German brother Domenic who loves Vocaloid, and a massive amount of others. I have quite the life, so I can't really pick just one strange person.....

Q. Are you still thinking you'll post on here?
A. I'll try to post. I'll post every time I'm in the mood and/or have the time. I love you guys and this blog has been massive in my life and I would hate to leave it, but I'm just running out of heart for this.

When You're Free

Hey kid wanna be wild?
Why not? No regrets and no memories
No stones left unturned
Be owned or run away
Your freedom is the best thing
Just lose yourself and forget
Everything you used to regret
Go on, go ahead
Go ahead and break some hearts
Go on, go ahead
Go ahead and break yourself
Go on, go ahead
Go ahead and be free
It's not like it matters

It's not like you care
So burn in hell
Or bore to death in heaven
Make your choice
As long as you're making it with me
I'll show you the games
Teach you the rules
How to break them
And the better a player you are
The more I'll play you
You know you can't escape
So don't
Even try
But hey
As long as you're free
Come on and play
But make sure it's with me.

Futures--Life Post

I'm looking to tomorrow. I don't know what's coming, I don't know what to expect, I don't know what I should be ready for, and I do not know where I'm going to end up. I just know that I can handle it.

Romantically, I've been busy as always, untied and untangled. I love and I am loved, but I don't belong to anyone. And I doubt I will for a long time. I have declared myself to be permanently single online, which means I get hit on a lot, especially more so now because I've gotten to be pretty freaking cute and adorable. Well alright then. xD I can handle any trouble I get into, and hey it's pretty funny sometimes....

Friendwise, I've been just as busy, finding amazing people every day or two. Socially at school I'm doing decently, spending time with my gang and chatting with a few acquaintances. So overall I'm good.

I love you kiddies, and I wish I could see myself continuing this blog but Normal Ain't Normal has been untouched for a week or so now and there's not much I can say on here anymore.....

I'm being watched too closely, so I don't want to tell everything that's going on. I guess I can't apologize for that and nor can I explain, but I will be fine. It's just that every move I make online is being monitored by some people I know so I do not really want to tell everything.

Oh yes......I'm working a lot on improving my writing skills.....I'm working on a new project that should be several hundred pages when done. I'm seriously hoping I'll be able to focus on it, so I should be okay if I keep up my momentum.

I love you.

I'll talk to chu dudes later!

Monday, February 6, 2012


Older than me
Dark eyes glaring
Orders barking
"I love you, babygirl."
What's going on?
Isn't this wrong?
Well I'm safe enough
I can get out of this easily
I just wanna run with it
For a while longer
Adam called me
For the first time
Since we broke up
Six minute call
I stopped crying
Did my homework
Worked out
"Blasting the sh*t out of my head."
It worked
But now I'm still finding trouble
Older guys
Safety? Perhaps
Dealing with this hell
Any way I can
So running
Calf Raises
Ton of other stuff
My entire body hurts now
Well.....It's better than my heart I guess
I'm finding out every moment of every day
How much I'm cared about
How much I'm loved
It never ceases to amaze me
How cared about I am
And by so many....!
I'm okay guys
I'm okay.