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Thursday, December 20, 2012

~~This is the End.~~

So much that needs to be said
When all that this can do is be read
I wish you could hear my voice
As I tell you my final choice

This blog is going to end
And a new site shall take its place
Whether I give you the link or not, my friend
Will determine whether or not I save face

I'm sick of the world knowing my agony
And knowing the disease that beats inside
I want somewhere new, without memory
Somewhere it's safe to hide

Maybe you'll stumble upon it?
Or maybe I'll just fade away?

Either way, this blog will likely not stay
For very long, past the creation of the next

This new one will be recovery
Of the broken angel
The lovely little girl seeking sympathy
That you all give so well

Actually, I think I will give you the link
I'll put the link after this poem
After all the pain, the recovery will now be written in black ink
Upon white--why not show them?

Why not show the world
The secret side of me?
As my wings are unfurled
And I am blown out to sea?

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