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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Protect Me--If You Dare

So don't try to be kind
I'm losing my mind
Keep me safe if you think you can
Trusting you ain't part of the plan
I loved you once--hell's yes I did
But now all the things that I once hid?
Well, now they're breaking my mask
And what lies beneath, you ask?
Am I heartless? Am I cold?
Am I young? Am I old?
What am I precisely?
Angel, Princess--you don't know me at all do you?
Those pretty names that you call me
Those, my friends, don't fit me that well
I'm no longer an angel
If you want to care I warn you

Trusting me might be the worst thing you ever do
I'm warning you now to stay away from me

Before I cause you agony
Oh, lord, it won't be intentional
I swear all the pain is accidental
But it'll happen anyways, so if you want to care
Protect me if you dare.

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