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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Missed You--Life Post

Mad Hatter never existed. But....He did exist. You see, the account xXSinOfHeartsXx, belonged to two people: Alex and his little brother Simon. Alex was the one who wrote the poems.

But it was Simon who answered the messages. It was Simon I knew, Simon I loved. Simon who meant the world to me. I just....never knew his real name until now. I always thought he was Alex. I called him Mad Hatter, talked to him daily, loved him heart and soul. He was everything to me.

And...Mad Hatter was only a friend to me so don't give me that look!!!!

He had one of the roughest love lives I had ever seen, so I didn't feel like adding to it at all.

Mad Hatter had been offline for a long time. He only went back on today and I read in his journal the truth--and also a way to find him on a different site.

I made an account on that site. Found him.

I love you Mad Hatter!!!!!

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