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Language Barriers?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Can You Hear Me?

Buried six feet under
So how can I hear the distant thunder?
Now at least I'm screaming, however silently
Begging and pleading desperately
Please, God, come back to me!
Don't you dare leave me!
Well, at least now I can feel my heart break
Before today I couldn't shake
The feeling of not being real
But now at last I can feel
And, oh God, the agony
It fills me so quickly
Drowns me in waves of black
I was only safe with you
Walking away from you was the wrong thing to do
Please don't tell me it's done
Oh, God......You were the one!
So can you hear me?
As I call out your name fearfully?
Or have you stopped hearing me?
Are you now walking away from me?

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