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Saturday, April 14, 2012

~~Hehe Hola--Life Post~~

Hey kiddies, guess who. It’s me of course. The young blogger who doesn’t post as much as she should—even though her blog is actually increasing in popularity with every day that goes by. I wonder who the heck  is reading it anyways….Is it a large amount of people, or just one person who really doesn’t have very much of a life….? Well, either way I’m grateful for all of the views. I love you kiddies, and I always will.
You know, I have actually no freaking clue as to why I started calling you guys ‘kiddies.’ That goes all the way back to the beginning of this blog, all the back to October 3rd. I’ve come so far since then….Do I miss the way my life was before now? Or do I believe that now is the greatest time of my life, now that all the hell has been left alone and I finally have a real life? Yes….I think that now is when my life begins, and when I leave everything else behind.
Of course I’ll keep trying to update on this as often as I can—I don’t wanna leave you kiddies. I love you so much, and I owe you guys quite a bit for sticking with me through hell and high water. I’ve been on this blog for over half a year now, and I plan on keeping with it through everything.
I love ya kiddies!
So I guess I’ll see ya all later….
I’ve got French and drama class to get to peopleses.
I love ya forever, kiddies.

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