~~This Time It's Different by Evans Blue~~

Language Barriers?


Sixth Edition
· I figured I might wanna edit this

· So...Much....Homework....

· I wouldn't recommend adding sugar to stew o.o

· I'm not okay!

· I don't want Ted to be with me if I don't deserve him. I'll only hurt him.

· I know he won't leave me, though

· My blog is beautiful

· I have a Gay-Straight Alliance meeting on Wednesday. I'll ask them about Allout.org

· I think a lot of my views are coming from countries where being LGBT is a crime o.o

· I think Ted and I can feel each other's pain.....

· Tea will, tea will, rock you!

· Never let me go, unless it's for the best.

· I like tacos.

Fifth Edition
· I dunno if I like the blog name or not....

· Phineas and Ferb is the best show ever xD

· My current two fave songs: Tomorrow Never Comes by VNV Nation, and White Rabbit by Egypt Central

· Sometimes all you can do is breathe and pray--pray to a God that doesn't truly exist

· So many views.....O.O

· I'm a kid. How come I'm so odd?

· I have been getting so morbid...


· I think I still miss Emily

· I need to work out more. A lot more.

· I have never really lacked for love

· I need someone to tell me there's a reason to love this world....

· Someone help me.

· I still want R. Scott Bakker's Email.... D:

Fourth Edition

· Kiss me, kill me.....

· Hey Amanda xD Guess you decided to follow me eh? :3

· We follow like Alice and just keep diving down the hole

· Will you still love me tomorrow?

· Angels, false and real, are invaluable people to have around. They are sweet and kind and impossibly good. And even though they may or may not be hurting and broken, they are still needed and are worth healing.

· Black Roses, even though they are beautiful and kind and people long to save them, will only cause more and more pain.

· My baby isn't doing well D: My laptop's missing a key! O.O

· I want tacos.

· You guys rock! Going on 3,000 views!!!

· I listened to the song Emily by From First to Last. And I didn't cry. Good sign....I'm over her.

· I wonder how Adam is?

· Ted and I are both massive pervs. o.o

· I wonder when and what Fatum will post....

· Anyone else wanna be a guest poster on here?

· I still want R. Scott Bakker's Email.... D:

Third Edition
· Try the song Nostalgia by Yanni

· The Horror of Our Love by Ludo is epically odd….Good song xD

· I don’t know who I am right now

· I feel the old pain creeping up within me—I thought I was better

· I’m getting back to working out

· Woot woot I’m getting a lot more views!!!

· Means I need to post a lot more don’t it…?

· I love ya kiddies

· God isn’t real. Duh.

· I’m just gonna jump off Brooklyn Bridge. Be right back.

· I like orange cream pops.

· I wanna be wiff Ted D:

· Thinking about the future always makes me lonely

· Say you love me….

· Just say you love me!

Second Edition
· What the hell is a biome? That’s the one thing I couldn’t answer on the science test today…o.o

· ^~^ <----that is the best smiley EVER

·  I keep forgetting to text Ted back

·  I spend way too much time in libraries—it’s where my friends and I chill

·  I need to work on my muse….making myself work on things so I’m no longer just 
writing for the sake of writing kinda kills the story

· The Golden Gate Bridge is the number one place for suicides

· When you eat junk food, you’re usually eating something known as corn dextrin—something that is also used as the glue on envelopes and postage stamps. O_O

· Sometimes, the best—and only—thing you can say is: “Taco.”

· I love waffles and hot dogs ;3

· The average height of a woman in the U.S. is five feet four inches, and an 
average weight of 163 pounds. Um, I’m maybe a lil over that weight and I’m five six….Am I the only one seeing a tiny issue here?

· You need to join Allout.org and Avaaz.org

· Nearly 9 million people in the U. S are gay or lesbian

· I’M BISEXUAL HELL FREAKING YES. *Cough* Deal with it. *Cough.*

· Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen was the first CD released in the US

· In Celtic and Greek cultures, homosexual behavior actually used to be viewed as a sign of masculinity

· And that’s enough facts and news for today—check the Normal News page for past and present lists!

First Edition
·         I will be adding the story series Her—a mystery/ghost story about a group of people being haunted by a ghost who tortures them, as She is seeking Her revenge for the night She died

·         Fatum and Sun-Jung—and possibly Ted—will soon be posting on this—and I wouldn’t mind a few more guest bloggers if people are interested

· I like tacos

· Pigeons are evil

· Unintended by Muse is the theme song to the story Her

· Mushi-Shi is an amazing anime—and also a movie I wanna buy but can’t find

· I would kill to own the Black Butler Musical 2: The Most Beautiful DEATH in the World

· “Will I?” is a song that should be written on buildings all around the world

· I don’t think there are a lot more blogs like mine out there

· I would love more views….

· Do I bore you guys?

· I tend to ramble a lot


· Sebastian Michaelis is so HAWT!

· The False Angel Story may or may not be continued. Depends on my mood 

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