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Monday, November 21, 2011

*Falls To My Knees Begging*--Plea

I officially have no pride anymore....I just want followers, fan mail.....If you honestly love this blog, please let me know. I know all I've got to offer is poetry, a weird life, and attempts at wisdom. I know I am not a fashion blogger, one with anything at all really to offer but myself. But if my blog is beloved, I would truly appreciate someone hitting me up on Twitter at Alex_AngelWing, Facebook at the badge way the hell down there, Quizilla at BohemiAltheAuthor or BohemialtheAuthorsHeart, MSN at annashadowlight@hotmail.ca, or yahoo at saviorsangel11@yahoo.ca. So feel free to hit me up whenever. I love you guys--but really if you love ME let me know! ;)

I gotta get writing, so byes!!!

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