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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Would Death Be My Escape?

Trying not to cry
I wonder if I can remain
I wonder if all my love for you had been a lie
I wonder if I can recover after the pain
Can I stay here?
Let you return to me?
Or is there too much to fear?
Too much agony?
Will I ever become the girl I was before?
Or is she now dead?
Did you kill her when you slammed the door?
Make her cry tears tainted red?
The pieces of me are scattered all around
Bloodied feathers fly still in the sky
Upon my knees on the unforgiving ground
I just wish that I could die
Would it mean that I would be free?
Is death the only escape that's left?
But, no, the ones I love hold onto me
And I refuse to leave them bereft
Of the girl they call an angel
Because even though I don't deserve that name
After going through so much hell
I know I will never be the same

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