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Saturday, September 22, 2012

~~Welcome to the Mansion: A Tour of My Mind, Part One~~

*The lights flick on, and you find yourself standing in a room crafted of soft carpet of red and black, walls of onyx and glimmering silver columns. A pair of sweeping and curving staircases lead to a higher level, and all around shut doors of different colors and work lead to unknown treasures. Confused as to how you found yourself here, you walk forward, trying not to show any fear. You feel eyes on you, and then..."

HELLO!!!!! *A small blond body glomps you out of nowhere, sending you stumbling back. A giggle sounds when you freeze in shock* Did I scare you, Sir/Madame?

*You shake your head, unable to answer. Her big blue eyes look up at you, and you feel heat rising slowly up to you cheeks in response to her cuteness. Her body is soft and curvy and ever-so-young, and from what you can see there isn't a speck of hair anywhere but on top of her head, and her eyebrows and eyelashes. All of this hair is soft and gold in colour, and it completely goes with the short black dress she wears. The dress covers her from the top of her breasts to barely below her thighs, and it clings to her, showing off every delectable little curve. You swallow, letting your eyes feast on what is so adorably crushed against your much larger body....*

*A tap on the shoulder alerts you to someone else's presence. You almost jump and smack your head on the curtain-draped ceiling, but outwardly you turn slowly to inspect the new presence. You automatically wish the tiny little girl had not tackled you, for the blood red eyes that peer at you are more than a bit of murderous intent. A clawed hand reaches for your own, taking it in his grip and shaking it roughly. A low, musical voice slips from his full lips, revealing pointed canines.* I am Raven, and you would be our guest. The little blond slave who just tackled you is MY Stepha, and I would love it if you tried to keep your hands and eyes to yourself.

*You're about to run away when you hear a softer, kinder voice slip into existence from behind you.* Now, now, Raven. Do not threaten them--they've been brought here unawares. We should show them around, should we not?

*Raven sighs, and nods. You turn to find a beautiful young man gazing down at you, his black hair shaggy and hanging to his shoulders, his white wings spread wide with regality and pride. He takes your hand, and guides you towards the stairs on the right. While you walk up the steep white marble steps, he says softly, his hand sliding slowly along the black banister* Welcome to the Mansion, friend. I am Raphael, the father of the owner of this lovely place. I'll be your tour guide and cook for the duration of your stay. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me now.

*You swallow, and say softly* What is this place?

*He reaches the top of the steps, entering a hallway lined with paintings. The paintings show forests, angels, bridges in Venice, and some darker images showing scenes you can't even begin to comprehend, nor describe. He pauses midway down the hall, seeming to think over his reply. You almost bump into him, stopping just short of his snow-white wings. He says softly* This is the Mansion. A place within the Demon Realm, which is something people tend to call Hell. It's the original home of the extremely powerful Shade, who is my very own brother. Right now, though, my little one Alexandra lives here. It's her home, the seat of her soul. I am a part of that soul of hers, as are the other occupants of this place.

*The answer leaves you with more questions than answers, but you resolve to ask him more later. He resumes walking, as the paintings give way to arches and doorways into different rooms. He halts without warning, and you end up with a face full of feathers. He snickers softly, and moves forward, careful to make sure none of his feathers are pulled off in the process.* Sorry, I should have warned you. You're following quite closely. So, shall I take you to the dining hall before I commence with the tour? You must be hungry.

*Your stomach rumbling answers it for you, and he laughs and opens the plain wooden door. You walk through after him, and stop in your tracks. The room looks like a normal dining room--simple green walls, a large round table, and a TV sitting on a cabinet beside a red brick fireplace in the corner. Raphael spots your face, and grins.* Not all of this place is grandeur. Some places are simple, like this room. My kitchen is down the steps over there *he points to the right hand corner, where a staircase lies.* I'll go fetch you something to eat, make yourself at home. *He disappears down the steps.*

*You walk around nervously, before sitting down in one of the padded wood chairs. You eye the simple room, wondering why you aren't afraid any more. You're just about to drift into daydreaming when a knock sounds on the door. Swallowing, you call out:* Come in!

*The door creaks open to reveal a young man, his hair scraggly and dark red. He's dressed in a tight black shirt, long black fingerless gloves clinging to lean forearms. He bows slowly, jet black wings spreading wide. He smiles softly* Yo, I'm Jace. Raph's kid. What's he making? I'm starvin', here.

*You stare at him as he walks into the room, grinning at you. He plops himself down in one of the chairs, his bare feet finding their way to the table, his chair tipping back. Unseen by him, Raphael returns from the kitchen, bearing a massive tray of covered dishes. His foot kicks out, bringing the chair down to the floor, carrying his son with it. Jace yells in anger, before freezing when he spies that it's his dad.* Hey, old man.

Hey, kiddo. Get up, it's rude to lie down and even ruder to put your feet on the table. *He lifts his son to his feet, helping him fix the chair, setting the tray down to do so. You stare at the tray, looking at how huge it is. You inhale, shivering at the amazing aroma that awaits. He lifts the cover, revealing a large meat pie, a salad of fresh garden greens, tuna sandwiches, and an apple pie. All of them are fresh. He smiles at the look on your face, and proceeds to set out plates for ten people. Startled, you look at him.*

Who're the other places for? *You ask, a bit frightened now.*

*Hearing the tone of your voice, he smiles soothingly* Myself and the other members of the household, plus you. Other than my son, Raven, and Stepha, there is also my wife Alakina, my twin brother Kakana, his wife Dana, my son's wife Nikita, and my little one. They will all be dining with us, as soon as I fetch them. Please, do not hesitate to serve yourselves, but please do wait to eat until I've returned. *With a bow, he departs from the dining hall, looking for his family.*

*Now left alone with Jace, you bite your lip, unsure of what to say. To his credit, he smiles welcomingly at you before serving himself heaping piles of the amazing food, before pushing it to you. Both of you seem content to wait in silence.*

*Pretty soon, the silence is broken, by Stepha scampering cheerily into the room. With a yell of* PIE!!!!!! *she plops herself in your lap, nuzzling. Mindful of Raven's warning, you pet her once before picking her up and sitting her in a chair beside you. Just in time, too, for right after her comes her Master. He eyes you slowly, noting Stepha and how she isn't cuddling you. With a nod in your direction, he sits beside her, holding out his hand. She latches onto it automatically, nuzzling against the proffered hand.*

*A lady like cough drags your attention back to the door, where a tall woman stands there, her snow-white skin a sharp contrast to her night black hair. She's dressed a long black dress that's cut just above her full breasts, and ending just above her knees, a long black trail falling behind her. She smiles softly, holding out her hand to you as she walks into the room, high heeled boots clicking on the tile floor. You kiss the soft skin, unable to keep your eyes off the grey mist of her eyes. She blinks at you slowly* I am Alakina, Raphael's wife. May I join you?

*You nod, mouth and throat too dry to speak. She sits herself down across from you just as a young girl scampers in, a book clutched to her chest. She waves to you, her bright red hair a flaming contrast to the green room. Her plain sweater and jeans is a stark contrast to the finery of the others.* I'm Dana. *She says shyly, starting to serve herself a lot of the salad.*

*You look around at the beautiful Alakina, the punk Jace, the adorable little Stepha, the mildly terrifying Raven, and now the bookish Dana. What an odd place this is, you think to yourself. Just as you're opening your mouth to say something, a young woman walks in. She's completely naked, her entire body coated with soft rainbow fur. She sits down beside Jace, nuzzling against his shoulder. She notices you staring, and says with a little smile in her voice* I'm Nikita, lovely to meet cha.

*Now, there are six people in the room, and you have met seven of the expected nine people in this household. You swallow, not sure how much weirder the occupants can get. That answer is given instantly, when a robot walks in. It waves, shaped like a human, the only adornment a tall black tophat. It tips its hat to you, before blowing up with a small pop and a rush of heat. The others laugh at your shocked expression, as a young man waltzes into the room. He's swearing under his breath, and when he spots you he says annoyedly* I just made that robot, and it explodes. five minutes after it turns on....At least it didn't kill anyone this time.

*Alakina sighs softly* This is Kakana, Raphael's brother. He's the technical specialist around here. If you want anything insane, awesome, or just plain creepy built he's your man.

*Kakana ignores her, sitting himself down and proceeding to serve himself food.*

*The room is silent until at last Raphael reenters the room, proceeded by a young woman. She seems around fifteen to eighteen, dressed in a simple purple shirt and long black skirt. She smiles to you.* Ah, there you are. Welcome to the Mansion, friend. I'm Alexandra, the owner of this place.

*She sits beside you, Raphael on her other side. They serve themselves, and she quickly starts up a conversation with you. She's quite funny, and she seems just a bit crazy too. You decide you like her, and settle in for a lovely, long meal.*

*When you're done eating, everyone but Raphael and Alexandra depart. The pair of them smile softly at you.* Shall we continue the tour?

*Nodding bravely, you stand up and follow her into the grandeur and insanity that is the Mansion.*

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