~~This Time It's Different by Evans Blue~~

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

~~I Shattered In the Corner of Your Eyes~~

It seems like I can't breathe
You're taking all my air
And no matter what I do
You are never there

I cry out and scream
But you drown me out
With a whisper
My throat's soon to hoarse to shout

Won't you listen to me?
Wait one moment and give me time?
But no you always have somewhere better to be
The time to know me you just can't seem to find

I try to hold on to you
But you just slip away
Brush me off
Ignore me until I try again another day

Do you even love me?
You don't ever say
I try to ask you
But you can't seem to find a way

I'm trying so hard
To wait until you turn that smile to me
But I can't last much longer
To your life there seems to be no key

I'm falling down now
Drowning in the weight of not existing
I'm almost gone now
And you go on not noticing

Maybe when I'm gone
You'll see where you went wrong
And you'll feel bad for me
But probably not for long....

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