~~This Time It's Different by Evans Blue~~

Language Barriers?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

~~Don't Ever Leave~~

Don't expect me to change
Don't expect me to heal
Don't expect me to rearrange
Don't expect me to be real

I'm just a kid
Fifteen years old
And everything that is hid
Is what makes me so damn cold

I won't ever be
Anything different from me
So get used to my agony
Cuz that's all you'll get from me

Do you realize who I am?
Do you even try to know?
Do you realize that a sham
Is all I ever show?

But hey you don't seem to care
You just keep coming back

To someone who isn't there
Of being addictive, I've got the knack

But then you say you'll leave
And I cling to you
Asking you not to make me grieve
Because, in the end, I'm addicted to you.

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