~~This Time It's Different by Evans Blue~~

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

~~I Just Want to Be Normal~~

I'm so used to being different
So used to seeming strange
Could I ever change
And become better for you?

Every move I make
You criticize
Every outfit I wear
Is last season's

Everything I do
Just isn't right for you
So why do I even try?
When there's no winning with you!

I fight and I struggle
I swear that I'm okay
I dress in clothes I hate
And I "forget" to eat

I worry every moment
That I'm not good enough
And you'll turn on me again
Like you did back then

But I have to try
Even if it's all a lie
I just can't be alone
But there's no texts on my phone

You seem to forget I'm here
But there's no one else here
So why do you ignore me
When I'm doing all of this for you?

I'm fighting to be better
But you act like you don't care
Like every thing I do is wrong
It just isn't fair

I write and I try to focus
The homework is not sinking in
I finish it off
But you just laugh it off

I'm not smart enough for you
I'm not thin enough for you
I'm not pretty enough for you
But I'm doing all of this for you!

Won't you see that I'm real?
Won't you look at me for once?
But, no, you just don't focus
And you ignore me and I can't feel

You think I'm okay
You think I'm just hurting
But you don't realize
That today is my last day

This is my final try
Before I make it a lie
And leave you be forever
Never again to fit in

I don't want to be you
I don't want to be this way
But I wanted to try
And fit in with you

I'm tired of being alone
But nothing will ever change
I'm slowly turning to stone
And I will freeze in a statue that looks like me.

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