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Sunday, September 2, 2012

~~It's All That I've Got: Life Post~~

I'll be alright, my loves.

You know me--I pull through....

I pull through no matter what, but that's not because of me.

It's because of being needed.

I've made promises to people, told them I won't give up.

And....I won't give up...

But god....

I want to.

I've had enough, let me be normal....!

Let me be free, stop needing me....

But I know my pleas for release will never be answered.

And, truth be told....I don't want them to be.

This life of being loved too much and being hurt but always pulling through and always trying to help, no matter how foolish....Is the only life I know.

And it's all that I've got....No regrets....

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