~~This Time It's Different by Evans Blue~~

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

~~Everything Fades~~

Nothing is the same
Once something leaves
It doesn't return
Nothing is as fleeting as fame

Old friends meet once more
After times spent far away
But things are different now
And they stare at the floor

We long for moments to stay
For better times to always remain
But nothing seems to stick
Everything changes every day

No matter how we try
To regain the connection
Things just won't return
And it's best to let it die

I know the memories hurt
But just turn away
Let go of all the pain
And try to find something to blurt

A scrambled, polite goodbye
A quick exit
A wilful abandonment of memories
And the hope of letting it die....

NOTE: I just received a message from Adonis, who hurt me so much...We used to be so close but now we can't find anything to say....

I'm just gonna log off now, without bothering to reply....

I just need to let it die....

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