~~This Time It's Different by Evans Blue~~

Language Barriers?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

~~This Time It's Almost the Same~~

Dark hair and different world
Everything seems to change
And as the sails unfurl
Nothing seems to rearrange
There's a different yet it's mild
And nothing seems real
I can't believe my world is defiled
I no longer can feel
I seem to have grown older
But nothing is better here
I know I've gotten colder
And the entire world is filled with fear
I don't know what I can regret
There's nothing more to remember
And there's nothing I can forget
Everyone is a dissenter
And I am left alone
With only the ones who live
To give me a home
As the ones I love won't forgive
The crimes that I committed
Committed to save their names
The price I pay, they say, is fitted
And I am left, the loser of their games.

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