~~This Time It's Different by Evans Blue~~

Language Barriers?

Sunday, September 30, 2012

~~Gothic Lolita~~

Little body
Soft white skin
Plush-fluff hair
Blue eyes

So young
So soft
So perfect
So broken

Touched softly
Left scarred
Never returned

Cards replaced by red
Kisses stolen by rose petals
Thorns stab into the pads of thumbs
Letters written in red ink

Feather soft touches
Produces static as bright as lightning
Music as loud as thunder
Choked-off cries the melody

Elegant gowns of red and black
To disguise the bruises beneath
Smiles like dolls
Below bright blue eyes

Soft giggles
Shattered laughter
Like the tingling of glass
As it falls to marble floors

Little lollipops
Grow large, choking little mouths
Syrupy sweetness becomes salty
Innocence replaced by bitterness

Sweet tea
Pure white lace
Dolls clutched
To flat little chests

Giggles and grins and games of tag
Chasing not each other
But time away
Living for today

Little faces
Little lies
Little scars
Massive crimes

Blame placed
She was asking for it
Punishments not given
Reputations tarnished

A life forever ended
A new world never begun
A murder
Where no one dies.

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