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Saturday, September 29, 2012

~~Not Long Now~~

The world drifts
As I fade
The world shivers
As I strengthen
The rain falls
As I burn

Things seem to change
Seem to rearrange
I breathe but no one
Seems to notice
The movements of my chest
There is never rest

I whimper
And I weep
I howl
And I cry
I beg to be allowed to die
And then they tell me

"Chin up, love
"You'll pull through
"I know you hurt
"But I hurt too
"You won't break
"Because I need you."

You need me?
Do I need you?
I say I do
But who can tell
If that is
Even true?

I want to cry
I want to scream
But you ignore my tears
You ignore the scars
You don't seem to notice
How much I'm hurt

You continue with your words
Your logic faultless
In your own eyes
Your heart pure
In all eyes but mine
Don't you believe me?

I tremble and I try
To face up to my past
You take my hand
Hold it tight
Encouraging me
With squeezing grip

I don't pull away
Even though it burns
And I remind myself
That one day
I'll be away
From everything

I don't want to be here
But I don't want to leave
I can't hurt you
Or give you cause to grieve
Everything I do
Is for you

But one day I know
I'll be away
And you will need
To let go
For I'll never return
From where I go that day

I'll go into madness
Into isolation
The world will pass me by
Without regard

I will be missed
But not long remembered
My fame is always imagined
And it was never anything more
It won't be long now
Until I am gone

So say your goodbyes
Tell me your prayers
Hold me close
And kiss me
I am your girl
I am your dream

I will always be

The sad story
That you tell
So your kids don't
End up just
Like me.

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