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Saturday, September 1, 2012

~~Angel's Black Soul~~

I'm through with caring
I can't fight for anyone
Not after being abandoned
By everyone

I can't breathe anymore
I've lost all my strength
And no one seems to be
On my wave length

I'm trapped against the dark
Those that try to help
Simply run from me
And leave me in my hell

I'm shattered now
Don't you see the signs?
Don't you know I'm dying?
Or have I hidden it from your minds?

I'm so good at pretending
At saying I'll just deal
But don't you realize
That I can never heal?

After everything that has been done
My scars are the only parts that remain
I've faded away
Lost everything but pain

And if you decide to notice
It could be too late
I don't have enough time
To sit around and wait

I need to flee
To find time to breathe
But I can't because
You won't let me leave....

I....I don't know what to say about this one....


Stephanie is....Hurting. A lot. Badly. Very badly.

And I don't know if I can help her.

And Ted isn't doing anything and....And Dylan is the only one trying and....And I....

I was with Sun-Jung today, talked to her about all of it and....She says I need a break.

That being needed by all of these people....It's hurting me because it means I can't break!

I can't....Be weak.

I'm needed too much.

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