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Sunday, September 16, 2012

~~I'm....Sorry, Kiddies--Life Post~~

Hey, loves. Just me, the blogger you all know and love.

Just the girl who's thinking of leaving y'all one day.

Just the girl who's struggling to think about something to write....

I love you....

And god damnit, I'm not okay.

You know that.

You know my wrongs.

My rights.

My hates.

My loves.

You know ME.

But have you ever met me?

No you haven't.

You haven't ran with me as I struggle to regain my curvy waist.

You haven't wept with me after I'm broken again.

You haven't laughed with me at this amazing video.

You haven't held me while I cry.

You haven't tried to scare me when I'm watching horror movies.

You don't know me, no matter what I write here.

I could be very different.

Hell, I'm probably not the girl you think I am....

But, if you love me, then love me.

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