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Monday, September 10, 2012

~~Dear Beloved Amazing Readers--Message Post~~


How is chu, oh people of the world? People who stumble here and stay, or who simply click on this through utterly random google searches and random links scattered across the interwebz--you are my readers. You are my friends. You are my lovers. You are my family.

Thank you.

Thank you for taking your time to read about moi, a girl that most of you have never spoken to, have only seen a few pictures of, and have never met.

Thank you for putting up with my rather odd writing.

My nearly-constant whining.

My worries.

My fears.

My truths.

My lies.

Thank you, for sticking around for so long...

And, as the days tick past towards the first year anniversary, I need to plan a treat for you....

Something I don't commonly ever consider doing.

How about.....

A video.....

Of me singing?

Or maybe just a video saying thanks to you, to all of you? I don't know if I'll actually speak in it, but....I might.

Dearest lovers, stick with me through hell and high water.

We'll be okay one day, all of us will.

Just remember that we are all strong, that we won't break, and that there is light somewhere in this world. I don't know what brought you here, nor why you keep coming back.

But...I'm glad you do.

I'm glad you love me.

Dearest readers....

I love you.


Yours Truly,


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