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Monday, May 14, 2012

~~What Does It Mean to be Human?--Thoughts Post~~

What is human? What is the definition of humanity? "Humanity," is somewhat ironically defined as the quality of being humane/benevolence/kindness, along with the usual all human beings are collectively defined as humanity, along with the quality of being human itself.

Is humanity defined as the ability to be kind? Is humanity defined as the ability to feel, to be alive, to be...real?

What does it truly mean to be human?

Some of us are unable to feel. Is it a response to teen angst, depression, grief, sociopath qualities, or other things?

So does that make the ones who don't feel for whatever reason inhuman?

No, it doesn't.

Is it the fact that we are a part of the same species that makes us human? Yeah, but that's not just it.

Could it be our ability to endure? To band together? To fall apart? To love, to hate, to fall, to break, to rise, to fly, to build, to annihilate, to kill, to birth, to rescue, to damn? What quality do we all share that makes us human?

Our abilities to think and feel, and communicate as well, separate us from others of the animal kingdom certainly, but....I think that it is the culmination of all of this things that make us human.

We as a species have more power to interact with the world around us, in any way we want, than any species before us. As we become stronger in our globalization, our power to change grows as well. We can annihilate the world around us in countless means and ways, and the damage we would do would take an insanely long time to disappear.

We are the ultimate killing machines, in a way.

But we can also do things for the better.

We're trying to help the world, we're trying to keep it from not failing from our desires.

I hope we can, because an attempt to be better is what humanity is all about in my eyes. Unless you fight to be better, to go further, to build and create, then you are not human to me. You are simply someone who does not live.

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