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Saturday, May 12, 2012

~~One Red Button: Challenge Question~~

I've come up with an interesting question....One I've spent a while pondering myself.

I've been learning more and more about the effects of man, seeing for myself how much we screw up this insanely beautiful world, and I have one question for you guys....

You've got a button. This button, if pressed, will kill 50% of the human race painlessly. The people who die are chosen entirely at random, and the remaining percent are rendered almost entirely infertile, and the only way to regain fertility is to prove yourself as a good parent to an agency that has a drug that will make you fertile again. Do you press the button because maybe then this wonderful world of ours would be able tor recover before we annihilate it, or do you not press it and hope for the best? Remember, you will be the only one immune to the powers of the button, so there is a guarantee of you being forced to witness your handiwork.

I would push that button. I'd kill 3.5 billion people.

I would because we need to. There are no other options and this world needs to be saved.

3.5 billion people no longer existing, along with countless others who die as a reaction to that catastrophe, ought to do the trick.

Would you press it?

I'd hate myself after.

Would you?

Post your opinions below xD

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