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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

~~Me, Me, Me, and RANDOMNESS!--Pictures Post~~

Alright kiddies, so here--have a couple of my assorted pics x3.

BOOKS HEAVEN--if a place like that existed, I would kill to go there....x3 Best library I have ever seen.

So freaking cute!!! I mainly like this image because of the fact that she's an angel--which is what I'm called after all. But she is also just too cute....I wanna hug her x.x

Me from a few months ago....An attempt at being cute x3

Whenever I read this, I feel like I'm going insane....o.o

I think this image actually depicts Ted and I pretty well x3

I've always loved this saying--it seems pretty good.

I just uploaded this because she is HOT

Sometimes, all it takes is a look in the mirror to see who you truly are...As well as how people see you.

BLACK BUTLER!!! If you guys don't know this, look it up. It is so good!!

This is what you can blame for breaking my mind :3 I love this anime so much....

I know very well how that goes....

Raimi Matthews: A Character from Broken Saints. Mah hero :3

Ciel Phantomhive of Black Butler in a dress. Yes. He is male.

This is a picture from the anime Mushi-Shi--one of the best ones I know x3

Some of the best books in the universe x3

I'm still strong, no matter what comes
Angel....Such a beautiful angel.

NEKO GIRLS FOREVER!!!!! She's so cute....

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