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Language Barriers?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

~~Dear Russia: Life/Love Post~~





I love you guys!!! Most of my views inevitably come from Russia....I have absolutely no idea why, though...And the amount of views has even been increasing ever since my blog was able to be translated into any language under the sun. With a few errors of course.

And things have been like this for a very long time, pretty much all the way from the beginning....

I don't know why, though....

Could it be that my blog definitely offers support to those on the outside? Why, I'd kill for you guys to email me, message me, something, anything....

And right now I'm giving a listen to the Russian National Anthem. It's actually so much more powerful than the Canadian one....*National pride down ten percent.*

I never realized how much I adore Russians....And no I don't just adore you guys because you read my blog a lot :3

I love you for your personality, your language, your culture....




*National pride decreasing by a further ten percent.*

Now, I adore you guys, so keep right on reading and following....And, oh yeah, email me. In your own language of course--I can google translate it. ^~^

As always, hit me up at annashadowlight.ca, and I love ya Russians.

хорошо и безопасной!

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