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Monday, May 14, 2012

~~I Float~~

My eyes slowly drift shut
As you whisper my name
The blood in my wrist leaks from the cut
And I try to play the game

"I'm so sorry," I say quietly
You gently shake your head
"No, don't be ashamed. Trust me
"We will one day be wed."

We speak, softly and quietly
Hoping the words we say are right
I ask you why you love me
And you tell me it's because of the night

The night we first met, standing there
On the shore of the ocean, far from home
Looking for someone to care
Before we die alone

You had walked to me
And recognized in my eyes
The same deep-set agony
Of all who die inside

"Are you doing okay?"
You asked, such a foolish question!
I answered it anyway
"I'm not, I died in damnation."

"Damnation from who?" you ask next
"From my parents, who can't forgive
"Her daughter who had sex
"With her boyfriend who didn't let her baby live."

You shrug and sigh, before going on
"I'm here because I can't regain control
"I can't wait for the next dawn
"I will never again be whole."

I rest my hand upon your shoulder
And you smile slowly at me
"Come on, the night's gotten colder
"Want to get a coffee with me?"

I blink and nod, surprised
At such a bold invitation
I thought I had died
But now could I find seduction?

You shake your head, as if hearing
My thoughts inside my head
"You look like you were crying
"And I'm in need of a warm bed

"But I'd rather talk to you
"You seem like you need a friend
"And I need one too
"If my heart is to mend."

So I give up, let go, and grin
And the memory fades away
I once again give in
To the waves of the day

As long as I am with you
As long as I know you're here
I know that I can be true
And I have nothing to fear

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