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Language Barriers?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

~~I'm Sick of This~~

Victories, harsh cries, sin and salvation
Beauty and strength, the curse of our nation
We live and we breathe, not because we deserve it
But because the sweat of our forefathers earned it

All the lies, the false hopes, and goodbyes
All the things we see with the sun rise
I can’t stand it
I just can’t take it

We fight, but we don’t change
Nothing can ever rearrange
There will always be those that fall
And those that answer to society’s call

Will someone please give me a reason
A reason to hope, a true salvation
I can’t believe I am useless and weak
But my eyes always drop, so very meek

Will someone please give me a hand
I need someone to understand
To wash away my scars
And make me a part of who they are

I don’t know who I want to be
Through it all, I have always been me
But this is my life, can I take it?
At the end of it all, will I have made it?

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