~~This Time It's Different by Evans Blue~~

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Thursday, May 10, 2012


From the worst agony
But I’m stronger now
And no matter how
I’m getting what I want
I’m done being what others want
I am who I am
And if who I am is a sham
Then who cares?
Nobody ever dares
To wrench off the mask
Pour my lifeblood from its silver flask
Because within my laughter
Lurks a girl broken after
Something that had saved her: Love
There’s nothing but false gods above
For the girl I am is an angel
But I’ve been through hell
So now I’m being
What I couldn’t be before: Anything
That I want to be
I had to do what they expected of me
But no more
Because never before
Have I felt so free
Will any of you follow me?
I’m never going to be
The angel you expect me to be
But hold on, it’ll be a wild ride
With every secret blasted open wide
Can you trust me? No
But now I know
That I could never trust you
Turnabout is fair play; you
Broke me so many times
Dragged me through many difficult climbs
Only to drop me down again
Truth was I never knew when
I’d fall within the blue
But now I know it was always because of you
So now I’m done
This battle’s won
I’ve recovered, changed
My heart and soul rearranged
And now I know the importance of faking it
Until you make it.

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