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Language Barriers?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

~~Human Nature and STORIES --Thoughts Post~~

I don't like people.

I really don't.

I find us annoying, obnoxious, evil, confusing, overly emotional, dramatic, pathological liars, addicts to all kinds of idiotically stupid things, bullheaded, lewd, rude, and just plain mean. I have NEVER liked us. Not very much at least.

So which begs the question--why do I find us so fascinating?

The answer to that delightful little turn of phrase is this: We are one hell of a contradiction. We're good, we're bad, we're sweet, we're kind, we're rude, we're just plain amazing. I've been talking a lot about the nature of the human condition, so I think I'll move onto a different topic....

Alright, I'm done. Time to get to business. I'm going to write three--count em THREE--stories/poems tonight. I will give em all a quick edit so I'll post em soon.

Time to get going!

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