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Monday, May 21, 2012

~~Can Live My Life This Way: Life Post~~

I let go kiddies.

I'm getting better. I'm getting so much better....

Ted was here again this weekend, and...And he held me when I cried and he wiped my tears. I told him everything about my past, everything that made me hurt. He listened and I listened to his heartbeat. He rocked me back and forth and....And told me everything would be okay, that I'd never have to be alone again, that he was with me, that he would look after me and make sure everything will be okay. And that I'm prettier when I'm not crying...

I'm doing better.

He told me that, when he looks in my eyes, he doesn't see as much sadness any more, and instead he sees something that can only be described as worship. Worship, love, adoration, affection, and tenderness. I adore him and I know I'm being a fool and maybe just selling my soul again, going for the first person who tells me they love me, but I don't think I can care right now.

I'm healing day by day. I'm still hurt inside after everything I've been through but now I have more faith in the world. I have more reason to fight. I have more will, more strength, more desire. I WILL beat my demons. I know I'll be running from them forever, but this time I know I'll have someone to fight them by my side. I know I'll be okay. I know I will....I know I will....

Save me, Ted.

And I'll stay with you forever.

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