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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

~~Broken Saints: A Flash Comic Epic~~

I'm in love.

For my fifteenth birthday, my family gave me one of the best things I have EVER come upon: Broken Saints. What is Broken Saints?

Broken Saints is the story of four complete strangers: Raimi, Shandala, Oran, and Kamimura. These four all receive the same message: WEEP, THE END IS NIGH.

The story that follows is blistering with hope, ignorance, pain, torment, love, sacrifice, and untold wisdom. Broken Saints is brilliant.

I can't get enough of this series, and I need to watch it again....Every time I see it, my legs get weak...

I can't describe this series, nor can I give it adequate praise, so hear....Check it out for yourself:

CHAPTER ONE: Introitus

The entire thing is on YouTube, but honestly....The DVD is better. SPECIAL FEATURES!!!!

I want for Christmas...THIS EPIC HAT.

Even though chances are I will NEVER be able to wear it it is too f**king cool!!!!

And I'll leave ya guys with this...


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