~~This Time It's Different by Evans Blue~~

Language Barriers?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

~~You Won't Leave Me Tomorrow?~~

I curl up close to your side
You whisper in my ear
You say everything's alright
And that you'll always be here

But then why do I feel
Like you're far away
And you can't hear
What I say today?

You won't leave me tomorrow?
Even though you weren't here tonight?
Shouldn't you just go
When nothing at all is right?

You're not the one I thought you were
You're just not as good
In the water of my heart there isn't a stir
You can't change it, you never could

I thought you were different, that you were better
But I guess I thought wrong
And now I'll just regret it
For thinking you could be strong

I no longer love you
I actually never did
I just wanted to try things with you
But you're not good, kid

I'm sorry if I hurt you
But that just doesn't matter much
Don't bother crying, it won't do
I'll also just pull away from your touch

So, kid, just be happy
And move away from this place
You won't mean a thing to me
Just get better and wrap a smile on your face

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