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Thursday, October 18, 2012

~~Frozen Beneath~~

Due to internet issues, this may or may not have been the second time this was posted. --A.

My creativity's frozen
It's hard to write
My eyes slide shut
I'm out like a light

There's nothing left right now
For me to breathe
You will never let me
Even try to leave

I'm left curled up under your arm
Kept safe by you
You whisper to me
Saying things that aren't true

I reply in the same words
And you don't listen much
You don't seem to notice
When I flinch from your touch

You pet my hair
And tell me I'm yours
Even though you're never there
When I slam the doors

On the memories that shake me
On the memories that break me
On the memories that hurt me
On the things that kill me

You say you understand
But how could you
When you know nothing
Of what I went through?

I will always love you
That feeling's real
But that doesn't mean
There's much else I can feel

I know I'm not the strongest
I know I'm not the best
But please always know
That I won't leave like the rest

As long as you stay
And keep me close to real
I won't ever go
You make me feel

Please just love me
And give me what you can
There's nothing more I can do
Until you truly understand.

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