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Monday, October 22, 2012

~~Actions Done By Sheep: Life Post~~

Hello, dears. Tis I, your loveable little blogger. The one who is oh-so-fake, yet you still seem to keep right on reading. I'm decidedly flattered by your continuing adoration of me and my odd little musings....Or is it my honesty that seems to make you need to come back to me? Likely is my honesty. I guess not many people are as willing to so openly speak about things most others would shy away from admitting. Things like my submissive tendencies, my numbness, and the reality of a lot of relationships. I also speak about equality and hatred and bullying, things I'm more than willing to openly oppose or push.

I'm not your average teenage girl. Normal people care more about their hair than about things like equality. And, if they support these causes, it's only for long enough to hit "Like & Share" on Facebook. I'm pretty sick of it. You SUPPORT THESE CAUSES, but for how long, and how far do you go? I know I'm not much of an activist either--the most I do is post blog posts about the causes, but I also try my best to get my friends involved, stand up for people when I see it happen, and I DO NOT EVER BULLY. My actions reflect my words, and I care for longer than what others usually do.

I hate how people "support" things. They only support whatever's cool. Is that really support? Liking a page, and then forgetting about it ten minutes later? Holy hell, people.....Supporting something just because everyone else is isn't doing a single thing about that cause. It doesn't effect it, and it doesn't change a thing.

The world is screwed up. People suicide pretty much every fifteen minutes. Instead of taking a second to like and share a page supporting someone already dead, take a second and talk to the girl who sits behind you and is always being made fun of. Take a minute and tell people to back off. Take a half hour and go have lunch with her. Take an hour and get to know her. Take two and invite her to a party. Believe you me, you'll be grateful you did, as will she. You'll gain a friend, and she'll gain a life.


Don't support a cause you don't care about. Don't support a cause just because it's cool. Don't just like and share...Actually support it by doing something. Please, people. Have a brain.

Sheep....I can't stand sheep.


Exactly. I know I'm weird, therefore I support things. And I actually try to support things. I know I don't do much, but I try. And I know what it's like....

I also know I can help people. I also know what it takes to help people...And I'm willing to try.

I think the fact that I'm willing to be different and risk being laughed at is what makes me not a sheep. I know it's more dangerous where there are wolves that can get you, but....Aren't there also wolves hunting the pack? And am I really weak enough to be considered prey? Personally, I always thought that I'm more of a wolf....Leader of a pack. I'm the owner of a little group of incredibly odd people....And I love it. I could never be normal. I never want to be normal.

I know I have more than enough power to, if not change the world, at the very least be known by a portion of it. I want to have enough power that I can help people. That I can do well. That I can succeed and help and make people love me, and be strong, and be happy.

I want to help, and I know I can....

I will never be a sheep--I will be a shepherd.

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