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Monday, October 1, 2012

~~Dearest Loves: Hello Once More and Apologies Post~~

Hello, world. It seems I have committed crimes for which I do not deserve to be forgiven. I have not posted as much as I should, and I have abandoned you to my silence. I should not have done this, and I pray forgiveness for this accursed sin.

You know I love you deeply, kiddies.

You know I will always love you.

But yo also know I have not been very...well lately.

Issues with my boyfriend, getting back into school....

Life is not easy. Life is never easy.

I love my life, because it is my life.

And would I have it any other way?

I doubt it.

I sincerely doubt it.

School....I'm going to have one hell of a hard year.

Math and French are gonna kick my ass, but after this year....

Guess what!!!

I no longer need to take them.

I'll have all the math and french credits I need to graduate.

I'm soooo ready....

I'm so tired, my dears.

So very tired....

I want to cry and scream, and....

And I just can't.

On the bus, when I need some time for myself most, I'm forced to sit with someone I hate. She believes I'm her friend. God, I hate her. Her name's Beth, and I believe I've mentioned her before. Ugh, she annoys me so much!!

And I've been doing research on the words that have so much effect on me--you know, "Strength in your weeping, tears that come seeping, down the old canyons, back to the sea." Supposedly it's from something called The River by Jean Gowland, but that's all I know. I got that from a site called Spirasolaris.

I have no idea what that means. Google translate says it's Italian, but it doesn't know what it means.

I wish I knew where it came from.

It's got such power, and maybe if I found the origin I could understand...

I suppose that, if I did find out, they'd have less power.

I don't know if I want them to have less power over me....

I like having mysteries in my life--you should know that by now.

Kiddies....I'll be going, now.

I'll leave you with one last picture:

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