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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

~~Updates from the Distant Bitterness: Life Post~~

Hey, my loves. How are you, oh adorable ones? I know I don't talk to you too much, so today I've decided to make a quick change and go back to posting during History class. Which is amusing. You know I write really quickly, so it's easy enough for me to make up a lovely post while I work.

Kiddies, Thanksgivng was actually a lot of fun. I had a heck of a lot of food--the amount of turkey was...minorly too much to actually be intelligent, but I had no regrets. I love turkey, even though it makes you sleepy. I spent a lot of time playing Minecraft and watching movies and anime....Basically what I do EVERY weekend. God, I need a life....

But, this was a three-day weekend, as yesterday was Thanksgiving Day. So yesterday, guess who came over! Ted!!! :D We usually only see each other for a few hours after school, which is barely enough time. But it keeps us both from getting lonely, and it keeps me very happy. I love seeing him, and I love just....Being close to him.

His nineteenth birthday is coming up on the 24th, which means that I'm already thinking about it. As well as Christmas, and everything else. I need to think about what to give him, if we're doing anything special....

Seeing as there's a possibility that he'll read this, I can't discuss my plans. Let's just say that they'll take a LOT of planning, a LOT of printing off, a few tanks of gas, and a good deal of cash.

I'll be definitely ready for it, though. I tend to have a lot of my plans already worked out a long time in advance....

I hope it's not too much, though!

I know he isn't entirely used to big celebrations. He even missed his own graduation--which I might have actually loved to attend. I'm proud of him. I always will be.

Ah, and let me just say that this weekend will be awesome.


All of them female.

One of them bisexual.

Bisexual girl is happy.

Me is very, very happy with this.

I know nothing will happen, BUT.....

It is SOOOO worth hoping for!

And now I feel like a pervert.

Which is how I usually feel, so screw it!

I really hope it will work out this weekend.....

Patience, Jen, Fatum, and Sun-Jung are probably going to be coming over. It'll likely work out that we'll pick them all up and drive them to my place straight after school. Awwww yeah this is going to be awesome!!!!

Anime, manga, horror movies....

I can't wait for this weekend to come....

Good thing it's actually a short week, eh?

I think that, even if Ted and I are actually crazy, it doesn't matter. We're both...very odd people.

And odd is good.

I gotta go, dears!

Au revior~

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