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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

~~Dear Angel~~

So many steps down this road
How tired are your wings?
So many wing beats left to flap
How tired are your feet?
You walk and fly and soar
Running after me
Some unchaseable, unattainable dream
You never give up
Seeking what you believe is right
Seeking revenge
Seeking justice
Seeking love
Seeking light
And, most of all, seeking reason
So many scars and plucked feathers
That dot your skin, and the earth
So many issues
So many problems
Were you ever anything different?
Did your halo ever shine any colour but red?
Was your smile ever truly happy?
Were you ever actually happy?
Or were you always like this?
You've been walking for so long
Going somewhere
You have no home
So you walk on forwards
Trying to believe
Trying to be happy
When you can't be
Because that's just not you any more
Oh little angel
Be safe and well
I wish you luck
In your journey....

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