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Saturday, October 27, 2012

~~Life is Awesome ((Or Maybe Not)): Life Post~~

How are you, oh beautiful ones?

Yeah, it IS me, shockingly. I know I don't post as much as I should....

God, I don't know why I don't...Seems like the world doesn't much like me having time to myself to write and such. I'm not the kind of person who craves the world, so why does it crave me? Why do you crave me?

Is it because I'm "open"?

Even though a good deal of what I say isn't really 100% true?

And I'm just insane and me and crazy and wrong and weird and strange and.......And god I don't know what I am, or who I am.

Anywho, other than that....

I'm too sexy for my dress!


Skin tight red and black dress, corset, floor length, with a slit up my right let almost up to my ass.

I look really damn sexy o.o

God, feels so weird to say that about myself! Feels really good though.....To finally feel good about my appearance.


I keep slipping in and out of focus, like....I'll find myself staring at something randomly, without realizing it. Or I'll find myself walking down the wrong hallway on my way to class, only realizing it a few minutes later. Or I'll find myself in the washroom like I did today in the middle of a spare, with no idea how I had gotten there. According to my friend, I'd been gone for half an hour....

What's wrong with me?

On the good side....

Ted's birthday was Wednesday, which means I now need to remove the counter....Happy birthday to my incredible nineteen year old, eh?

I would have posted then, but...I'm not entirely able to think enough, or have the time, to post during school. And whenever I'm home....I'm even less conscious, like the world is slipping away. And I don't have the heart to care about it....My creativity is so low....

I'm being drained of my soul.

Or something creepy like that.

On the good side....

Wednesday night was incredible. We went out to an amazing dinner--I LOVE PROSCIUTTO!--and then, as we'd basically scarfed it, we went out for a walk to kill time. By the way, I have NEVER like asked for the bill at a restaurant, nor have I made a reservation at one. So...I feel adult, even though I felt like such a kid....While we were at the restaurant, we basically promised each other we'd be together forever.....God, it was a rush. Anywho, we went for a walk after, running around insanely hyper laughing like idiots. We found ourselves at the mall and did one of those photo-booths things. God I hate em now, the pics were awful xD Still, I'm glad we did them--another thing we've done together I hope to God I'll never forget. We also tried on hats with animal ears....Yeah, cuz that's not adorable. xD After, we called my mom and went back to the restaurant to meet her there. We got there early, laughing our asses off still, and there was music playing from inside. So....Guess what....We danced on the porch with street lights and music and Christmas lights hanging all around for ambience. ROMANTIC WIN!

The night doesn't end there.....We finally go back home to an awesome ice cream cake and gifts....

God, it was amazing. He told me it was probably the most amazing night of his life.....

I love him so much!!!!

I gave him a school picture of me in a dark brown frame with the Greek key carved in it; some tug-of-war toys for his dogs, and The Art of War by Sun Tzu. My parents gave him a new water bottle, and a large scrap book with pictures from the trip to Toronto. He loved them....Especially the picture of me. It was the last thing he opened from me, and I'd wrapped with a bow on it in plain black tissue paper. He unfolded it, being careful not to rip the paper too much, and when he saw the picture he froze for a second. He held it tightly to his chest tightly, then put it down carefully beside him and grabbed me in an incredibly tight hug.

He told me he's keeping it beside his bed now, so he can wake up to me every morning....

I love him so fucking much!

I love him, he....Makes me life worth living.

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