~~This Time It's Different by Evans Blue~~

Language Barriers?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

~~Save Myself~~

The longer I run away
The further I manage to get
Is the less I truly know
And the more I regret

The longer I refuse
To say what's really true
Is the longer I wear the mask
And forget about you

If I could close the door
To all the fear I have inside
And embrace the world
Where would I hide?

I need to hide, out of fear
Of being refused, and left behind
Can you accept me if I don't hide?
Will you still love me, and be kind?

If you were to show me
How you really feel
Would I want to know
Or would it make my mind wheel?

I need to run tonight
I need to find the shadows in which I hide
I know I'm only back tracking
From showing you what is inside

All I can do
Is hope I can be strong
And show myself
Instead of being wrong

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