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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

~~Shattered Glass in Flowerbeds--A Story told in Free Verse~~

"Tell me who you are!"
I shout angrily
Unable to disguise
The fury in my voice
The fury
That is only
A mask
For the fear
That flows
Like wine
Through my veins
My heart
The voice in my head
Laughs in response
Cackles madly
Caresses soul
Like a blade
I shiver
To listen
"You're not
"One of them!"
You howl at me
"You're not
"Like them.
"You're like ME!"
I screech back
Unable to
Ignore it
"You're wrong!"
You laugh
And reply
"You were
"Born wrong.
"You don't know
"What to say.
"You don't connect
"With humans.
"You don't work
"With others.
"Your mind
"Is different.
"Don't forget
"You have me."
I shake my head
Trying to get rid
Rid of the voice
In my head
You silence
For a while
And I believe
That you are gone
I try to focus
Look on the bright side
But then I hear
"Come with me....
"Escape from the brightness
"The questions
"The homework
"The schools
"The happiness
The sorrow
"The world."
I shiver
And let it fall away
Fade into my mind
And let you hold me
Into your world
The world
Of madness
And freedom
And shattered glass
In flowerbeds.

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