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Saturday, October 27, 2012

~~When There's Nobody Else~~

When there's nobody else
I start to wonder
Why I stick around

When I'm all alone
I start to ask myself
Why I'm left behind

When there's no one else but me
I can't help but think
I chose the wrong road

When I take the road less travelled by
I stand at the crossroads and see
People walking on by

When I start to follow them
They fade away like ghosts
And I try to chase them

When I hear the voice speak
"Don't run after those
"Who don't wait for you."

When I hear the voice
I freeze, and ask it
"Who are you?"

"When there's nobody else
"There's always me,
"Your voice, your soul, it's me."

When I smile, I turn and go back
And resume the walk down
The road less travelled by

When I reach the next crossroad
And look back, I know I'll see
All of those who had not waited for me

Staggering down the road they travelled by.

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