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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

~~An Unexpected Hello: Greetings Post~~

I keep daydreaming and thinking
About how weird my life is
And I keep trying to realize
Whether or not I'm sane....

Greetings, oh lovely readers....

How are you?

You will not believe who it is....

It's me, Jace.

Yes, I know I don't write to you very much--but Raphael is currently...in the infirmary, and my sissy's not entirely in the mod to write to you, but she doesn't want to leave you guys without some reading material courtesy of us here at the Mansion.

Speaking of the Mansion, we recently recovered from...let's just call it a break-in, shall we? It has again a lot of things we cannot particularly talk about.....I know we're probably being annoying by being so secretive, but I am definitely not going to tell you ANYTHING for fear of what is hitting us going after you.

Please, dear readers, don't worry about us....

We can make it through whatever comes our way--through supernatural beasties, essays, tests, quizzes, fights in relationships, and even a lot of random shit.

We're a weird family....We've always been weird. And I suppose that's why you love us all so much....

Readers, you don't know very much about me, do you?

Well, I'll tell you more.

I was born a few months ago to Raphael and Alakina. I aged swiftly, like most Figment-born do. I was born with the abilities of my parents--Raphael's skills with angelic light, and Alakina's powers in the elements. I can use both with some proficiency, but that is not my most powerful skill....

My skill lies with steel.

I can summon it around me as an armour, and it also can function as spikes, walls, or take on any shape I choose. I use it like I use muscles--it's simply that easy. I've always had that natural skill with it.....All of us Figments tend to have various abilities of many different sorts.

When I'm angry, like my sissy insists I often am ~_~', my eyes go solid black and seem to shimmer. When I need defence, liquid steel runs over my skin and solidifies to my form like a second skin, rendering me perfectly safe. When I'm flying, my wing feathers become steel as well, bending to best control and utilize the air.

So, loves, I'll talk to you later.

Au revior~

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