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Thursday, October 18, 2012

~~I'm Truly Sick of it All~~

I'm sick of the fighting
The continual war
The battle and the cries
For more and more

I'm sick of the love
The adoration and light
The kisses and caresses
Asking to be returned

I'm sick of the homework
The things we must do
The everything we hate
Where nothing is true

I'm sick of the differences
Between Person A and Person B
What right does Person C
To judge either them or me?

I'm sick of reality
Of a world mainly false
A tenuous grip
Always slipping away

I'm sick of my mind
A playground for insanity
A place of peace
And a place of destruction

I'm sick of my writing
Every line misses the mark
Every word that I write
Makes me realize I suck

I'm sick of the lies
The false hopes, goodbyes, realities bending
All the different shades of white
Nothing is true, and nothing permitted

I'm sick of the agony
The old, unfading scar
The marks of one world
Entering another

I'm sick of the friendships
The responsibilities good and bad
The moments without laughter
And the awkward silences

I'm sick of the spare periods
Moments left to kill
Not entirely sure what to do
But we do it any way

I'm sick of the waiting
To see the one I love
To hold him in my arms
And remember why we're together

I'm sick of the cellphone
Constantly lighting up
All the people wanting to talk
When I want to be alone

I'm sick of the lack of independence of thought
Can we make any choices without
Consulting another?
Personally, I think not

I'm sick of the light
That always burns my eyes
The sunlight that burns my skin
Causing it to peel

I'm sick of the shadows
That flicker with cruelty
That show only fear
And shatter reality

I'm sick of the home
That doesn't feel like me
That just seems to hurt
And causes me pain

I'm sick of my life
And my happiness and pain
And my reality and hell
And everything I am

I'm sick of it all
But there is no escape
And even if there was
I would never take it

I'm sick of it, certainly
But this is the only world I know
If I do not remain here
Where do I go?

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