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Sunday, August 5, 2012

~~What's Wrong With Me?: Life Post~~

Why am I not okay?

Why am I almost constantly numb?

Why does it seem like I can't do anything but breathe and hurt the people around me?

Why am I so numb?



I'm going crazy.

I hate myself!

I can't breathe...

Please someone....Make sense of this wild cataclysm that is me....I need to be held....


Arms pull me in for a hug. A bristly chin finds its place on my shoulder. Beautiful blue eyes close beside me. I'm crushed against someone, lost in them. I can't see anything but them and I can't feel anything but them. My arms wrap around him....

Around Ted.

And the emptiness fades.

Whatever is wrong with me goes away whenever he's hugging me.

I've never been hugged like this before.....

I need him.

I need to be held....

So I won't be numb any more.....

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