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Thursday, August 23, 2012

--The Anthem Of The Angels--

 Alas....Night has fallen and it seems I have fallen too. Into a dark mood, one of a lot of pain but...Pleasure and enjoyment too. The time has come for me to write this....

Strength in your weeping
Tears that come seeping
Down the old canyons
Back to the sea

False angel wings
Grace the distant shores
And shatter the sun
Until you're back to me

False eyes that drift
Alight upon gemstones
That cannot be touched
As long as you breathe

Your wings tear and shatter
Yet on you fly
And the world laughs so harshly
As you fall to me....

THAT is our anthem.

The Anthem of the Angels....Written to the rhythm of the end of the world....

Goodnight, sweet readers.

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